Thursday, November 02, 2006

Resource for your addiction

I know that some of you have it bad and you aint gonna kick it any time soon.. its that expensive and heavy addiction to .. cookbooks.

I like to check out the cookbook section of used book stores and yard sales. You can see a LOT of really kitchy revolting but fun food photography from the 50s through the 70s.

I was cruising the NYTimes dining section and in the article "Kitchen Classics, in the Eye of the Beholder" came across their reference to this website and thought that some people here might find it interesting.

Due to my particular kink for the food photography I enjoyed the food promo sections with the brochures and the scary food shots.. here are a few examples! How can you pass up cooking with Dr. Pepper?! I wonder if they have one for Mr. Pibb.

(As seen on

You can find hard to find cook books there if you have given up on eBay.

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


mary grimm said...

I saw this too in the nyt and have already been tempted by the Betty Crocker Bisquick Party Book, with "97 gay new ideas and recipes"--which I'm pretty sure my mother had.
And who doesn't need a book called Adventures with Cointreau?

nika said...

indeed! I will take adventures in that and kalhua and rum and bourbon.. and.. oh yeah.. that sounds nice. I am thinking about an adventure in a bourbon pecan pie.

Liz said...

Speaking of kitschy- my mother found a copy of The Wellesley Baking Guide on our church bookcart for (probably less than) a buck. The 60s/70s hair and pics are so adorable.

I love thriftstores, for this kind of stuff.

(And yay for Mr. Pibb!)

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Cool reminder Nika!

Our local used bookstores in Eugene are bursting at the seams with those spiral bound issued from schools and churches sort of cookbook.

I once found a set of cookbooks that were inscribed by our former Govenor's wife... I felt kind of bad seeing them put up for adoption like that. :)

The Culinary Chase said...

How true! Years ago, I went to an estate auction and the only thing I wanted to bid on was a box of old cookbooks! In particular, was "The all new Purity Cookbook", a complete book of Canadian cooking (1967). This was a cookbook my Mom used when we were growing up and has, among other recipes, the best plum pudding & fruit cake! In 2001 the Purity Cookbook made a comeback and is back in print! (isbn:1-55285-183-4)