Wednesday, January 04, 2006

[Blogger] Coding Help - Any Chance One of You is Online

Trying to add a piece to my site, and it include two links in a drop down menu. For some reason, the links aren't working, even though, character-for-character, it's set up the same exact way as my recipe drop-down menu. Anyone online for 5 minutes of troubleshooting?

I hate to have it up if it's not working, but don't want to take it down and have to start over... argh!

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paul said...

Your form name="SeeWhereI'veBeen"

Take the apostrophe out of the form name, and where it appears twice in the line of javascript.

Apostrophes are not valid in IDs, name etc and will mess things up.

Cate said...

Paul, you are awesome -- xoxoxox!!! Something so small... works perfectly now. A million thanks!