Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hi, I'm relatively new, and still trying to master the art. As I am from the Netherlands I post in Dutch and in English. I would like to have the posts in English easily accessible so you will not have to scroll through all my dutch ramblings ;-). I'm thinking of a sidebar thing as I have now, but that means I have to update the list every time I post in English. Is it possible to automatically file posts in a pool? Sometimes I see file links to e.g. "all my recipes" in other blogs. Would that be possible in Blogger?


FJK said...

I think what you are seeing are people setting up a secondary blog that they access as a link from their main blog.
Unfortunately, blogger doesn't permit category archives so we have all had to be creative to achieve a usable archive for our readers.

clare eats said...

This is one of the reasons I left blogger.
Yay wordpress

Liz said...

For a recipe index I created posts with dates earlier than everything else on my blog. These posts are just a list of links to recipes within the blog, and I link to them at the top of the sidebar. So yes, it is possible in Blogger - you just have to be creative.

Re-reading that, it seems really garbled. Have a look at the top of my sidebar, and you should see what I mean!

Baking Soda said...

Fjk, I had thought about that but was afraid I had to maintain two blogs..
Clare, rub it in ::wrinkles nose::! But alas, I'm not ready for that.
Squeezeweasel, this might be the solution, I see what you mean and will try that soon.
Thank you all

FJK said...

It is not that hard since you are not providing "new content" and blogger allows you unlimited blogs.

Pick a category name, such as "Soup"
create a blog for it and then enter the url for the "soup" blog where you put your links in your template.

Then every time you have a "soup" entry, copy and paste your post from your original blog to this new "soup" one. (You will lose any comments that may have been posted this way, however)

I find it easier to copy and paste in the html mode tab rather than the compose tab.

Please be sure to copy your revised template and save it on your computer as a text file for back up.

If you check my blog, you'll see that I have done this as Blog Appetit Does Soup and Blog Appetit Goes to Vietnam

I call them my "Blue Plate Specials" and plan on creating more of them at some time.

Another alternative is Sam's drop down menu. Very creative, a bit more technical. She has organized the food scool links using it and will send you the coding if you'd like.

Good luck

Baking Soda said...

I was indeed hoping for a category archive, but since that's not possible I went for squeezeweasels advice and set up a "prepost" with links to the english posts. I checked yr blog and I understand what you mean but I really cherish the 5 readers (::brushes a tear::) commenting my blog and would not like to "loose" any comments. Will keep Sams dropdown thing in mind though. And thks for the textfile back-up idea, going to use that! Maybe you could visit and see what I did?