Sunday, January 22, 2006

Drop-down Menu Question

I utilized the great website suggested two posts ago (mandarin) and created menus for all my recipes. But I don't like the "GO" buttons. I would like for my menus to be the kind that when you click on the recipe, it automatically opens that recipe.

What do I change to get rid of the Go button AND let you go to the recipe that's been selected?

If you can't picture what I mean, visit my site:

Please remember you're talking to a newbie (be gentle and use small words : ) )


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Ian said...

Hi, It's better to keep the go button. The other method causes difficulty for users with mobility problems. I'm also seen fully able visitor have trouble - they click on the dropdown to see what's there, then let it drop back only to then be whisked off to a new page unexpectedly.