Friday, January 20, 2006

Expandable Post Help

A couple people asked me on my blog about the "Read More" option, "keep reading," whatever you want to call it so I thought I'd post something here in case anyone else was curious.

There's a previous post about this, I'm just bringing it back to life.

Rachel from BrownBreadIceCream gets all the credit for helping out my blog a few months back.
Here's the link to her solution to the problem. It's totally user-friendly and just reply to this if you have any further questions.

I may be able to be of further assistance :)
Happy Friday!!



Alicat said...

thanks Mona! I know I've sent a few people to knock on your door to tell them how to do the expandable post. :) lol - thanks for posting this link again.

Fahara said...

Mwah! Thankyou Mona! Mwah! Mwah! And thankyou Rachel! At last I have a sorted template :D

Rose said...

mona thanks so much for telling us at least where to go!!! and rachel thank you for figuring it out :-)

Backyard Chef said...

Truly 'preciate it Mona.

Have a great weekend--well, saturday and sunday...ya know what I mean. :-)

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