Sunday, January 22, 2006

Event: Fancy Food Show-San Francisco

Today is the start of the Fancy Food Show. Anyone going? Want to meet up? My cell phone never seems to work at Moscone Center, but the press room might be a good place to meet. Leave a comment if you are interested in "walking the floor" together or trying one of the focused tastings. There's also a California Olive Oil event at 5 over at the W Hotel this evening. Worth stopping by if you are in the area.

This post was written by Amy from Cooking with Amy

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McAuliflower said...

Ah nuts! I knew I had forgotten to put something on my calendar of reasons to take the train south! Is this something that happens in the fall also, or is it only winter (meaning I have to wait a whole year for the next?).

Looking forward to all the write ups!

Amy Sherman said...

Winter show in SF, Spring show in Chicago and Summer show in NY so more chances to go!

Fatemeh said...

Amy -

I'll be there at some point, just not sure exactly when. I also might just plan to go tomorrow or Tuesday...

I'll plan to leave you a vmail if I do show up today.


paul said...

Did you have any trouble getting a press badge?

I'd like to go when it comes to Chicago, but I don't want to pay $60 bucks.

Sam said...

no problem getting the press badge.
But i have to say - this event doesn't excite me too much. I certainly wouldn't make a trip to SF specifically for it. I much prefer to look at food from a local perspective.
After last year's visit I only found one thing to write about - and that was because of its bizarre factor rather than anything else (soy caviar).

this year - its a nice day - and i think i would rather be outside. talking of which...

FJK said...

I was there today, had a great time. Found that all the exhibitors took us blogs very seriously and were anxious to share.

Lots and lots of Bay area food producers if you are looking for local angles. Lots and lots of samples to try if you are looking for a sugar or other food high.

You will need a business card, a photo id and a print out of a posting with your byline, and then you are in.

Is it imperative that someone go? Absolutely not. Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Blob (after all the chocolate I ate today) Appetit

Sam said...

maybe thats the trick then - to actually out your blog. when i went last year i was way too embarassed to do that, plus i am kind of shy as well and hopeless at making coversation at those kinds of events.

Plus - being that I am on a diet, probably not the best situation to put myself in. having said that I may go to tomorrow night's soiree.

Kevin said...


"(soy caviar)"


Amy Sherman said...

If anyone wants to go with me, I'm happy to introduce you to lots of nice people and their wonderful products. I have no problem shmoozing!

Sam said...

it's not fair, i wanna be a schmoozer type like Amy too instead of a timid self deprecating Brit who prefers not to take the spotlight.

Amy - it is a shame you are going early tonight as then I might take you up on the offer. Work doesn't even finish for me til about 7. But I know you have something else exciting to dash off too. So have fun!

Kev Read about the soy caviar here, if you must.