Friday, January 06, 2006

Picture in Background problem-Os

Hey guys, Happy New Year food blogging friends.
I promise, I tried to find a previous post that could help me with my picture problems but nothing seemed to help me.
As you can see on my site, the picture in the background of my header has totally been mutilated by I don't know what. It's chopped into what appears to be 4 pieces from a perfectly beautiful skyline pic from my flickr account.
I don't know what to do.
If anyone could assist me it would be greatly appreciated!
Happy Friday to most, and Saturday to some:)

Mona of Mona's Apple.


Michele said...

It looks fine for me on Firefox.

Andrew said...

looks fine to me in IE too!

Andrew said...

oh unless the bottom repeat of the top is not supposed to be there?

Rachael said...

Looks fine in Firefox, on my Mac OS.

paul said...

Your image is repeating vertically in my browsers. If a browser's font is set small enough, the subtitle won't break to three lines and won't cause the box to grow taller, which is why it looks fine to some.

The easiest way to fix this is create a taller image to put in the header, any extra will be cropped inside the header.

A height value inside the header style wouldn't work because the image isn't tall enough to fill the background of the box for the title and three lines of subtitle.

You could also add no-repeat to the background line of the header style. This would stop the image from repeating, and the extra area under it would be black.

If you don't have a taller image, an elegant solution would be to create an image that fades to black on the bottom and use the no-repeat.

Mona said...

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for all your input. Funny everyone saw something different.

Paul, thanks for your in-depth analysis of the problem. I think I fixed it. You were right, the picture I chose was too narrow so had to give it some more height. Now I have one nice solid picture in the background of my header. No chops and unwanted cuts.

Thanks again to all who responded.