Monday, January 30, 2006

Food blogs for Gourmet Travellers

If anybody's interested I've wriiten a story on food bloggers for our local glossy food mag. They haven't posted it on their site but via Tomato you can click through to a full-sized image of the spread on Flickr.
It's mainly about Aussie blogs and why so many Asian women have food blogs (as briefed by the features editor). But I do mention Pim, the Scent of Green Bananas and Blogging By Mail.
There was so much to say and so little space. Sorry to anybody who feels left out. I may publish a "writer's" cut when I return from a short trip.


Kalyn said...

Hey, nicely done. Who could feel left out. It's good for all the food blog community when anyone gets some good press. BTW, where are you going on this trip? I am probably going to be jealous. Didn't you just get through unpacking your bags?

Ed Charles said...

I was back on the first and I'm just going to Adelaide to report on the local bank's financial results and decided to visit and blog Mclaren Vale, a fantastic wine region with good food. I should be showing restraint after Christmas but have no self discipline.