Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Experiment with ads - less than stellar

A few days ago I posted about an ad network.

I gave it a try (as well as retrying others that I already had accounts with) and I have decided that they are just not worth the trouble. It might be useful for blogs that get millions of visitors but I found that I would get one click through for like every 10,000 or so (blows your mind huh?). Maybe I am doing it wrong, maybe its just not the mode people are in when they are surfing food porn, I dont know.

I prefer clean web pages like Nordjlus and Seven Spoons and am looking for an easy-peasy template to go there (maybe I need to go off of blogger but the thought of that gives me a migrane) but in the mean time, I am cleaning up things and going ad-free.

Has any of us here made an ad program work for them?

This post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


Ellen said...

I have both a regular web site and a blog. The blog lives on the main site, but is formatted differently and gets different visitors. I make money off ads on the main site. I make very little off the ads on the blog. Different types of readers perhaps? I think bloggers are looking to read. Other people searching the 'net are looking for information and hence are more likely to click through.

nika said...

excellent example. thanks for the info.

paul said...

I'm in the process of redesigning my template (as I have been for months) to fit in an ad or two.

As a designer, I know what makes ads effective - above the fold, masked as content, embedded in the content, everywhere where there isn't content...

Basically, what the experts and people with successful ads tell you is to make your page butt-ugly.

Anybody have any examples or case studies where elegant ads work?

My plan is to have a custom designed ad or two on my home page, and a smattering of adsense and skyscrapers on static and archive pages. An example of this approach working is gapersblock.com

Cate said...

Ad-free here, but always open to ideas and inspiration from others. ;)

Andrew said...

I too gave up on chitka or whatever it's called - started off ok (novalty?) but as you say now hardly worth the effort.

I do OK from google adwords on my two blogs - not a huge amount but worth running. It has taken over a year to reach an acceptable level and I hope my placement of them doesnt intrude too much on the content.

nika said...

Andrew: yeah yours are not obtrusive at all. nice blog, nice sparkly bottle shots :-)