Monday, January 16, 2006

Usability Pet Peeve

Just a little usability notice here...

- it would be swell if more food bloggers had their header area link back to their index/home page.

It's surprising how many blogs don't offer an easy way back to the front of their blog after one has been rooting through their archives.

written by McAuliflower of Brownie Points Blog


cookiecrumb said...

Some of us are rank amateurs when it comes to HTML, and yet we're exploring template changes, etc. I suspect that more than one blogger has inadvertently killed out the "home" link by tinkering with their banner.
Some of them may not even know about this trick.
Bloggers: Hold your cursor over your header. Do you see the little white hand? If not, you've broken the return link to your main page.

Sam said...

Its not for lack of trying - if i only i knew how to fix this in blogger so that this didn't happen.
i am certain it is a blogger 'feature'
it has been with me as long as i remember
That's how blogger is set up.
Lucky those who don't have this problem with their blogging software - its not like uany of us put it there on purpose.
It works from anywhere on the front page but not the archives.
I added a homepage button to my side bar to try and alleviate the problem and so people could find their way back to my home page.
I think the question was asked on this forum before but no one had an answer.


Andrew said...

There are two other things i would like to see on every blog - not so important is a location (country at least) and an email address. If people are worried about spam I have a ton of invites I can give away from gmail if they need another address. I often want to contact someone which doesnt fit into a comment.

Oh and a third - a name. I want to know who is writing...

so three - location, email address and a name.

Paul said...

Some of us are at the brain surgery level of HTML. I dream with an external style sheet. I can smell a bad doctype just by looking at a URL.

My clients' logo headers link back to the home page, before they even get a quote from me, and every designer who comes to me for advice, but doesn't have this primary piece of navigation will get a lecture.

But my food blog doesn't have a linked header. Let's just just call it laziness, and believe me when I say I'll fix it next week, or so.

Andrew, I so agree, I wish every blogger would have that info right up on the home page. Of course you won't find that stuff on my pages without searching.

My email doesn't appear on Food Blog because I found that PR people couldn't figure out that my email was one directory up, on my main blog. I eliminated 90% of human written spam. Probably why I don't get free stuff anymore.

McAuliflower said...

I think most of us are amateurs in regards to this html-stuff :)

I keep on learning of odd blogger sticky points. Sorry I don't have my nose burided in it to help out with more usefull suggestions. I can try waving my magic web wand :)

ps I too dislike it when I have to *search* for contact info. Oddly this happens sooo frequently with professional sites!

farmgirl said...

Okay, I don't think all Blogger blogs automatically come with the "home" link in their banner. I just checked my photo overflow blog (which has had nothing changed in the banner) and there is definitely no little white hand when I hold the cursor over the header. I have the Minima template.

So. . . the big question is, how does one go about turning their header into a "home" link? My regular blog does have a new banner. Is there an easy way to turn this into a "home" link?


P.S. Sam, I'm confused by your comment, even after reading it three times.
"if only i knew how to fix this in blogger so that this didn't happen."

So what didn't happen?

What is a 'blogger feature' that has been with you as long as you can remember.

Sure I'm just missing something here, but it's got me wondering.

I do know about your homepage button on the sidebar and often use that (love the new photo, BTW).