Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year!

Dear fellow food bloggers,

Even if you don't celebrate Lunar New Year I want to wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Dog. Woof, woof!

I noticed a lot of my friends knew the general concepts about the traditions of firecrackers and lion dances, but little else regarding the festivities.

I decided to write a series of posts for the coming week discussing the origins, symbolism, foods and feasts of Chinese Lunar New Year. Here is the link for the Part 1.

I hope it is entertaining, interesting and maybe even useful (want to impress a Chinese friend?).


The post was written by Rose of The Hungry Rose


Kalyn said...

I read your first post and it was fascinating. I never thought I would be learning so much from reading cooking blogs.

kamagra said...

I like to celebrate Lunar new year because that's something really special, it's funny because I feel like a wolf during that celebration if not ask to my wife.