Friday, January 13, 2006

[Calendar] Update on 1000 Recipes?


I am reposting this question in hopes someone who may have an answer will comment. Thanks!

Is it safe to assume the 1000 Recipes project is over? Does anyone have a book, or know what is going on with that?

ALSO, is there a DMBLGIT this month?

Thanks ev'body!

This pondering was posted by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


mrs d said...
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mrs d said...

(above comment was just pre-tea misspellings.)

Drat. I keep coming back to this post, hoping someone has an answer. I'm on the book 19 list and I haven't heard a peep in ages.

Rachael said...

Im going to re-post this so maybe someone who knows will comment. hope. hope.

Sam said...

Rachael you did read this didn't you?

Ronald did say something about having a best photo of the year in december, but then nothing came of it in the end as far as I could tell.