Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Need help viewing Blogspot blog

I hope someone here might help. I can't see the proper display of a blog called Walks in New York and Elsewhere. Link This is what I see in every single browser on my OS X Mac (Safari, IE, Netscape, Firefox, Camino):

All the text just disappears below her header. I can "see" it if I select all the text, but that's kind of a drag.

Can anyone identify this problem, and offer a solution? We would much appreciate it.

Thank you all!


Jennifer Maiser said...

I think it's her, not you - as I see the same thing on my computer (Win XP, Firefox)

Tana Butler said...

Hmmm, she says that she can see it fine, and all her friends can see it, and they're all on Windows, too.

Anyone else? Thanks for the help.

(Hey, I like your new picture, Jen.)

paul said...

This is a particular problem with this template on the Mac.

I might look at if I have time to see if there's a quick fix for her.

FJK said...

Came across clean to me,
Windows XP

By the way, I can't wait until I go back to NY this summer and try some of her walks!

Tana Butler said...


No, really, if you have a clue, then I thank you double and triple.

I am a mid-range geek, and she is on the bunny hill. I can't overwhelm her.

Grazie mille. Fanx. Etc.


paul said...

Got it! Easy one, I should have looked at it earlier.

There's a few lines in the style sheet portion of the template that shouldn't be there. CSS needs to be formatted correctly or it does weird things at weird times, and she's got HTML in her CSS.

After the #sidebar, Remove everything from the <h2... to the </ul>

I think she might have meant to put that in the sidebar div of the HTML, not after the #sidebar style in her CSS.

When I commented before, I was commenting about how that particular template loads, since it looks like that while loading, but turns out ok when finished. That's different and really not an issue (slightly related to the footer that got hosed because of the error, but still, forget I said anything about it).

Tana Butler said...

THANK YOU for your help. I am going to send your advice to her and see if she can figure it out.

Thanks so so much, Paul.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Seriously, I think that Paul should win a "resident detective" award -- he manages to suss out all of our weird html / css issues.

Sandra Levine said...

Thanks, Paul and Tana. I'm going to try your suggestion. I did try, at one point, to add a link of some kind that I hoped would give me more visitors, but it didn't work. I guess the HTML for the link ended up in the wrong place, although I have no idea where it should have gone. For the time being, I'll be happy if I can just make the blog fully visible to everyone. As Tana said, I can see it on my computer and on some others I've looked at. Some friends have no trouble; others complain.

I hope removing the HTML doesn't make things worse but if it does, I'm counting on all of you to help me fix it!

Sandra Levine said...

I've removed the pesky HTML. Everything look fine to me and the blog loads quickly. I think the problem shows up on Macs, but not PCs. Could someone take another look and let me know if the problem has been corrected?

Tana Butler said...

It still doesn't work for me.

: (

Sandra Levine said...

Nothing seems to have changed. Those who could see it before can still see it and those who couldn't still can't. If the problem is really, as a particular problem with this template on the Mac, would it be corrected by moving the whole blog or change the entire template. Is it possible to do that without losing the content?

paul said...

You didn't get it all, Underneath the #sidebar style is this code:

<a href=""><img border="0"
src="" alt="Travel Blog
Top Sites" /></a>


Remove it all, and everything should work.

Sandra Levine said...

Ok, I removed it all. Can someone using a Mac check to see if it worked? Thanks.

Sandra Levine said...

Many thanks to all, especially Tana and Paul.

Tana Butler said...

It works fine now.