Wednesday, January 11, 2006

[Photography] What could the problem be?

I have a Kodak Easy Share camera and when my battereis ran out I used regular AA's. The pics just didn't look as good as with the batteries that came with the cam, so I replace them with titanium ones. Still, the pics look grainy. What could the problem be? I read my booklet and can't see that I am doing anything wrong... my lighting has not changed. Any ideas?

Michele ~ Chef Michele's Adventures


paul said...

Do you have some comparision images?

If the problem is graininess, my guess would be that when the camera died the first time the ISO setting defaulted or changed. A higher ISO is about the only thing that would make an image grainy. Bluriness, fuzziness or resolution would be other issues.

Try setting your ISO on auto or set it lower, maybe to 100 and see what happens.

Michele said...

Thanks Paul, I will give that a try. I really don't know how to change any of the settings but will pull my booklet out and figure out how to do so. I didn't realize that the defaults could change just from changing the batteries.

stephen said...

Hi Michele...I think Paul's onto something with the idea of the camera defaulting to preset values when the batteries go dead, and it's true that a higher ISO (faster speed) would make things grainer...but I don't think the default ISO would make such a difference that you'd notice it so much. Another thing that may have happened which would definitely make your image grainier is that when the batteries died your settings for Picture Quality defaulted to a lower quality than you had been using. Try adjusting that.

Good luck! (By the way, the Easy Share is a little particular about what type of batteries it likes, so you might want to check your manual about that.)