Friday, January 06, 2006

[Syndication] Standard feed icon

Whilst playing around with Feedburner the other day I discovered that, according to them, there is a new standard icon for RSS and XML feeds that looks like this:

Further info on the standard logo can be found here.

Firefox uses this logo to signify websites that have a live feed that can be updated, but I haven't as yet seen it actually on any websites.

I'm interested to know whether any food bloggers have seen it or use it? I've tried to rationalise all the subscription buttons on my blog and replacing them with this makes sense, but only if people know what it is. If however no one has a clue what it represents, I might need to keep all my old buttons on the site, until this is widely recognised.

This post was written by Silverbrow from Silverbrow on Food


Liz said...

That little logo doesn't appear on the webpage itself - it's a button in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. You can toggle the status bar on and off in Firefox - go to View/Status bar. Hope thsi helps!

Liz said...

Should also have mentioned - you don't need to do anything to your page to make Firefox display this button. It will do it automatically.

silverbrow said...

Thanks, but I was aware of that. My point (which on rereading is less than clear) was that there seems to be a move to make this icon a standard for all xml and rss feeds. It will therefore takeover from the small orange XML and RSS buttons, or the 'Add to Yahoo/Rojo/Google etc' buttons that clog up so many of our blogs.

I've only seen it on Firefox, I was wondering if people had seen it in place of the other buttons, or were even using it themselves.

Andrew said...

i've had it on both spittoon and spittoon for a while now.

Andrew said...

You can create your own with various colours - although I thought the idea as a standard to have a standard colour - at the site