Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Flickr Photos on Other Blogs

I've noticed lately (the past couple of days) that when I visit OTHER folks' blogs, their Flickr badges are showing MY photos, not the ones that belong to the blog's owner. Huh?




McAuliflower said...

This seems to have presented itself as a perfect opportunity to go learn about Creative Commons Licenses.

Go to their site and follow their easy-peasey instructions on adding creative commons license to your images. Their are even instructions to have your photo-editing software automatically add this license to all your posted images.

Then, contact the blog author and point out that they have a flickr-fart on their page.

Your post had nice timing as I was *just* adding a CC License to my site, images, and pdf's.

Rose said...

so is this the blog owner's doing or flickr's doing?

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Flickr would not do that. Every induvidual selects the photos that go in their badge.

I found this discussion on the same topic at flickr forums:


Cyndi said...

I still don't get it. It's MY pictures that are normally on my flickr badge, and every site I go to, MY pictures follow me. How does doing CCL's stop this?
This isn't a case of other people taking my pictures. It's seeing the same flickr badge over and over again, my photos, on everyone else's page.

McAuliflower said...

You're right, Creative Commons doesn't fix that. Your original post presented the problem in the frame of someone else using your image without your permission.

Sounds like you have identified the problem as belonging to flickr. I'd check out the flickr forums a bit and post your question there if nothing obvious pops up.

good luck!

nika said...

Cyndi: I got your question (but didnt see it till monday am).. could you post or send me a few of the links where you get this glitch? I will take a peek at the code.. Also, try my homeschool blog and look in the lower left column where I have my flickr badge and see if you get the same artifact.


nika said...

Cyndi: oops.. sorry forgot to send you that link (