Monday, January 30, 2006

Link Exchanges/Requests

I thought this was a pretty good post on do's and don'ts regarding link exchanges/requests.

(Thanks to All Things Financial for the referral.)


JLP said...

It's amazing how fast stuff travels around the blogosphere.

I appreciate the mention.



paul said...

When requesting to be added to large food blog lists-

Attempt to bribe the list editor with brownies, cookies and fudge. And KitchenAids. Alcohol works well too.

Hey, it's worth a try.

Sam said...

Personally - my take on it would be to not ask for reciprocal links at all.
I much prefer it when people don't ask.
If they do, it probably makes me more inclined not to link them than anything. I prefer to make my own content choices, as soon as someone suggests something, it usually sends me in the opposite direction.

paul said...

Yea, Sam's right.

I'm a bit of an exception since I take submissions for my list, but if I only had a short sidebar list of my favorite food blogs, and someone requested to be on it, I'd tell them politely, to buzz off.

It's generally bad form, unless your requesting to be added to a specific directory or topical type list. the article has a few good points - mainly those who are willing to trade links for traffic are generally not worth it.

Jennifer Maiser said...

I third what Sam says. I went to an Environmental Blogging panel at the Commonwealth Club last night, and this question was asked as well. It got me to thinking that I can't think of any "big" bloggers who got there by asking for link trades, to my knowledge.

The panelists backed up my opinion on it: write great content, play nice in the blogworld by commenting appropriately and nurturing blog relaitonships, and the links come organically.