Saturday, September 16, 2006

[BLOGGER] Missing main page

My blog's main page has gone missing and I'm not sure how to find it again. I posted late on Thursday night, and everything was still okey Friday morning. However, since Friday lunchtime or so, the main page comes back blank. Other pages (like my latest post or the archives) are still there, so the blog itself seems to be fine.

Any ideas how to retrieve and show my main page again? Is it me or is it Blogger?

Thank you.

This Post was written by Pille from Nami-nami

UPDATE. It was me after all, and not Blogger. I reduced the number of posts on the main page from 12 to 6, and everything looks fine now. I guess I simply had too much information to be displayed.

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

I've had this happen (out of the blue, without touching anything) and I just need to republish, without making any changes. So maybe it was just the republishing and not changing it from 12 to 6 that fixed it.