Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Recently, I was so proud of myself for "burning" my feed, being the technical ignoramus that I am. Then it took me another week to figure out how to make my full posts, as opposed to excerpts, come through the feed. Now, my problem is that many--most, actually--of my photographs don't show up on the feed. You just
get a box with a little red "x." Some of my photos are from Flickr, and these pop up just fine. Of the ones uploaded from my computer, a few come through but most don't. I haven't a clue why this is--let alone how to fix it. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thank you so much! --Sarah

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L Vanel said...

Sarah, I've had a look at your blog and see that your photos are large in size and even with my high speed connection they are loading slowly. Why not get into the habit of reducing your file size by changing the DPI of your images from 300 to 96. This will allow them to load faster without losing image quality and it also might solve your feed problem.

cybele said...

Do you have any htaccess limitations in place regarding your pictures? I have a system where only certain URLs can display my photos (because too much hotlinking from sites like MySpace drains my bandwidth).

If you have an htaccess file (or if the person who set up your blog knows about it) you may need to put some of the common aggregator sites on your safelist. (I have bloglines on my safe list.)

Sarah said...

Thanks for your suggestions!

I did know my photos were too large, so tonight I finally got around to resizing them with photoshop on my husband's computer (I don't have the program on mine).

I had been meaning to do this for awhile, and my site should load faster now. But this didn't seem to solve the problem with the
feed--in fact, some of the photos that were appearing before now aren't.

I don't have any htaccess limitations that I know of, and I set up my blog myself through GoDaddy's Quick Blog . . .

cybele said...

A down & dirty way to resize photos and optomize them for web is to upload them to your flickr account. Either host them there and put the photo link in from there or download the photo in the size of your choice and then reupload it to your blog.

If you're using photoshop - it's not just resizing that's important, it's also compressing them for web use (basically dropping data that viewers won't notice is missing). I usually save mine off at 60/100 (or 6/12 depending on which method of saving you use). Photos usually look best in JPG mode - GIFs are great for graphics that have a lot of simple color fields.

Tasty photos!