Friday, September 29, 2006

Problem with my 3 Blogs - I need your help please

We just came back from Paris and now I can see 3 problems in my 3 BLOGS:
1. In My main Blog :
My mom's recipes and more
September is not in the "archives" list
Many photos, I mean older are now with an x instead of the real picture ..
when I click on that picture with an X I get this:
"The page cannot be found "
HTTP 404 - File not found Internet Explorer like
this one
2. In my second Blog with 'Selected recipes and photos'-
Lemon And Ginger Blog ,
there are No photos anymore.. only X .. the same problem .
3. In my flower Blog :
one apple a day, the same problem..
[I don't use the blogger in beta, I use IE]
Can you help me with these please? is this a temporarily problem ?
Thank you very much !
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My mom's recipes and more
This Post was written by chanit from Lemon And Ginger
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one apple a day


Mae said...

I use firefox on my mac and i see the same problem you mentioned.

I don't know what might have caused this. Did you change anything on your template?

sam said...

i can see all the photos as I assume is intended on Firefox on a PC

chanit said...

Thanks sam ,thanks mae
I'm working on my pc with IE, win xp, I don't use Firefox and I didn't made any changes in my template.
I use Blogger to load my pics,
the problem is in all the post from 7/05 till now and in all my Blogs, a week ago everything was fine..
I send a mail to the blogger support team, let's see..
[It's a work of 1 year]
Thanks for your help !

chanit said...

It's now OK, thanks.

Trig said...

When you see "X" instead of a picture it means the picture couldn't download. This can be because it has disappeared from the host server, but more often than not it's simply that the host is running slow, the connection breaks temporarily when downloading or your PC is low on memory.

Normally you don't notice the problem because you keep all of your images in cache sutomatically, but sometimes these will be cleaned and require re-loading.

If you reboot your PC and reload your pages after a short break you will usually find the problems go away.