Monday, September 18, 2006

[blogging] Slashfood is looking for writers

hey hey all!

in case you haven't peeked over there yet, just wanted to let you know that Slashfood is looking for two more writers (one for weekdays, one for weekends). The post is here: Want to write for Slashfood?

Here are the basics:

"First and foremost, you should love food, dining out and cooking. You must also enjoy writing about it and be capable of expressing yourself in a clear, engaging way. If you enjoy photography, that's a plus; we love food porn. You don't have to be a professional writer, or even have you own blog, but you should be familiar with blogs including Slashfood and other members of the food blogging community. And, all glory aside, we do pay our writers.

We need someone who can commit to blogging daily or every weekend, but we're extremely flexible about the schedule. To apply, we need:

  • Three sample posts (original material, please, not links to existing posts on a blog)
  • A few words about yourself and why you're interested in food or writing about food
  • Your contact info
  • The position you're applying for, your location, and scheduling, including a ballpark number of posts per week

No attachments, please. Put everything in the body of your email. Once your application is complete, send us an e-mail at leadsATslashfoodDOTcom."

Good luck to anyone who applies!

This Post was written by sarah from The Delicious Life


Amy Sherman said...

Sarah, can you share what your experience has been like writing for Slashfood?


cybele said...

Yes, I'd like to know how you like it Sarah.

Also, I'm a little irritated that I've applied before and I'm wondering if there's a point to trying again. I'm not really keen on writing THREE spec posts and then be ignored again.

Owen said...

Also - how MUCH do they pay? That's the really important detail...

a pupil said...

here is a previous post related to this which you could read through if you are interested.

sarah said...

hey hey all - sorry that it's taken me a while to get back to responding to the comments/questions here.

as far the experience, i'll look at it from a few perspectives. one of the things i love about writing for slashfood is that it allows me to write about things that i don't normally write about on my own blog. i write mostly about personal experiences at restaurants, but at slashfood, i get the opportunity to write about pretty much everything else that interests me that's food-related. in that respect, it's really nice to have that outlet. (but it's not like that for everyone - people can write about whatever they want)

the "style" is different, too because slashfood is FAST, and i mean people blog at warp speed. it's not always like that, but when it comes to food "news," all of us are all over it as soon as someone can get it written and published. that's pretty different from the somewhat lazy, procrastination-y way i write on my own blog.

because of the speed, and the facts that it's a paid thing and has a huge audience, there is a little bit of pressure. not a whole lot, like a "job," but still, i'd be lying if i said it hasn't caused me stress before.

as far as the "experience" from a working point-of-view, i like it a lot. the atmosphere (if there is such a thing when everyone is in a different place) is casual. there are some things that are formal, like basic style-guides, etc., but they we really do want to remember all the time that this is a blog, not a magazine. as bloggers, we have access to a lot of resources because of the relationship with aol.

i hope that answers the question - if not, please feel free to email me at deliciouslife[at]gmail[dot]com, or AIM me: TheDeliciousLife. i am always available.

just as a side note/hint to anyone who DOES end up applying, the instructions are straightforward and it is VERY important to follow them. :)

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