Thursday, September 21, 2006

(Misc) HELP with PHP ASAP

I am having major site issues with our Well Fed Network. The main site works/loads fine. Some of the offshoot sites, i.e., Wine Sediments, for example, only the left sidebar and banner load, not the center articles or the right sidebar.

The PHP designer we use threw it back on the site host. This is what the site host says. Any idea what I'm supposed to do? This has been going on since late morning yesterday, right as I signed on a big advertiser ... not helping.


Your site's IP address has been blocked by a Sysadmin. This is done when an address performs a large number of concurrent connections. Opening many connections at once overloads the server.

It seems that your web pages is including parts of itself using PHP includes over the web server. This unnecessarily loads the server with HTTP connections that can be easily avoided by including the PHP code directly in your scripts.

For example, in /home/wellfed/public_html/skins/Wine/_main.php, instead of:

require( '' );

you should use

require( '/home/wellfed/public_html/_contrib_WineSediments.php' )


Cate said...

I've managed to get the right sidebars back up on all our sites, but still can't get the center posts, where all are articles go, back up. For some reason, the main site works fine, it's all the offshoot sites. Help!

Matt said...

Without look at source code or log files for error messages it's pretty hard to say whats going on.

I'd suggest if you do have url's in your require() statements, thats not a good thing. Library functions should be included from local copies, and is quite bad practice to include via urls unless the servers are physically distinct.

If you can get a copy of the log files for PHP or the web server for the offshoot sites, it should indicate which errors or timeouts etc are being thrown, and if you paste them here, might make more sense.

good luck,

Ian said...

Cate, If you provide me with a login, or sample pages, I will help. Email me

Matt said...

Likewise, if you need any more assistance let me know
matt AT abstractgourmet DOT com

One thing i'd add is that the sites themselves seem very responsive...So if the server was being overloaded you'd expect it to happen on all pages... not just includes. It looks to me more like a database issue, or some kind of file corruption.

Cate said...

Matt is my new hero! Thanks also to Ian for your offer of help. Yesterday was a l-o-n-g day.

Kalyn said...

I think it's just awesome the way someone can write in with a problem like this and those who know what's wrong are willing and eager to help. It's wonderful. What a great community.