Friday, September 15, 2006

[Blogger] Template Troubles

I that that whatever hit Garrett's template earlier might be catching. Except for me, it's just the Blogger template stuff that's gone, posts and other add-ins by me are still there.

I am trying not to freak out because I do have my template backed up (thanks Garrett), but I think there is something seriously wrong on my little blog. Instead of showing the cutesy green images for my template and a white background for posts, the entire background is gray. It's as if the template images are no longer on the server?

I am okay with re-doing my template and in fact, was thinking of doing that anyways, but wondered if the S'cool might help me fix the problem now so that my blog doesn't look so icky in the short-term. Thanks, all.

This Post was written by Madeline from Everything Rachael Ray

UPDATE: According to the Blogger Help Group on Google, this has hit many users of the TicTac template, as well as other templates. The site supporting the images is down, so no images.

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