Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Promoting Your Blog: Cute Little Cards

Mini Business Cards with MooBoing Boing just posted a bit about business card company, Moo, that is hosting a special variety pack of mini business cards specializing in using your Flickr photostream of images on the cards.

Cory of Boing Boing fame is really taken with these mini cards: "It's hard to convey just how cool-ass these cards are. They feel like a fetish object, the thick card and soft laminate finish create a great hand-feel, and they're visually stunning -- playful and intensely personal."

Currently, FLickr Pro members can get 10 free mini business cards, and an order of 100 cards is $20 dollars.

Using a variety of yummy photos really appeals to me with this deal, as does the description of the card texture. Just noted: you specify the crop to make your photo fit their card format.

- Boing Boing post on Moo
- Moo's FLickr Offer

This Post was written by McAuliflower of Brownie Points.


mrs d said...

I just ordered my free set of 10 yesterday. Can't wait to get 'em!

McAuliflower said...

I just ordered mine too. It was a good excuse for me to import food photos over to my flickr!