Monday, September 04, 2006

[Comments] Comment notification

Hi Ev'body!

I was leaving a comment on The Wednesday Chef a minute ago, when I was reminded of a question I have for you all...

When I leave a comment (as I am prone to do), is there any way to, uh, sorta, remember where I did that? (Oh dear, that makes no sense. Lemme try again) I just tend to leave remarks/questions all over the blog-o-sphere and might not get back to that site for days/weeks to see if the writer responded. Is there a way to track that/be notified if and when they do respond/comment (even if its not specifically to me?)




This Post was written by Rachael from FRESH APPROACH COOKING

Oh, and as for my last question about saving my blog, thank you all for your responses, I have decided NOT to quit (obviously, to those of you who pop by) but am instead newly invigorated...but have taken your advice on how to archive just in case...xoxoxox


mrs d said...

Hi Rachael,

The only service I know of for this is CoComment. Your post reminds me that I too am awful about this and I really should remember more often that CoComment exists. :-)


maki said...

There is a Firefox extension for CoComment that makes it a lot handier.

There is also Co.mments.

Both have their good and bad points. I guess CoComment has the bigger community behind it since it was the first.

Andrew said...

I use cocomment - it has improved a lot latey; you can now insert auto code into the comments section of most blog software. I like it.

cookiecrumb said...

How funny, how cool. This is why I love FBS. I had a post on my own blog a while ago about keeping track of comments, and didn't get anywhere near the advice you all are giving here. (Smacks forehead. FBS! D'oh!)

Rachael said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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