Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Share the Love

Hello, classmates.
I have an idea for a fun food blog project. This is not a promotion for an event on my own blog; I want to learn how to make it universal.
The idea is that we all might occasionally have something extra in our pantries to share. Something that doesn’t really take more space than a first-class envelope. A little too much imported pepper; some special home-grown herbs (I have tons of Turkish laurel leaves); things like that.
I was thinking of calling this project Share Package – after the ubiquitous Care Packages of our college days, when mom would send much-needed provisions.
So here’s my question: Would this idea spread out if we all tagged our occasional share-posts with a Technorati tag saying “Share Package”? For instance, if I put up a post about a glut of wild fennel seeds in my area (now’s the season), I’d tag it “share package” and I would hope – wonder – if anyone might go check the Technorati tag once in a while and notice that Cookiecrumb has fennel seeds to offer. Then you could e-mail me with your address and I would mail you an envelope.
Is this the way Technorati works? (Provided, of course, that I ask you to send me a request.) I’m really not interested in starting some clearinghouse that needs an administrator; I want us all to participate on an ad-hoc basis. I would also like to know how to get a ripple effect so this idea spreads, but I’m cool with it being a lazy development… if at all. (I really don’t want to bother people with memes.)
Love to hear from you.

This Post was written by Cookiecrumb from I'm Mad and I Eat


Erin S. said...

I really like this idea (As I think about the glut of cumin seeds I over-ordered from Penzeys), and I'm pretty sure technorati would be a great tool to use...

Kalyn said...

I like the idea a lot too. I doubt I'd see the notices on technorati, but I would see it on the blog originally for a lot of people since I read a lot of feeds.

My step-sister sends me kaffir lime leaves in the mail all the time.

Now I have to think about what I might have to share.

Garrett said...

CC, what a delicious idea. I used to be part of a book club like this. It was free, and you would post a list of what you have available to send and a list of what you needed sent to you.
People would contact each other through it and simply send and exchange books through the mail.

Wish I could recall what the site was. Any webmaster's out there who would know how to set something like this up? :P

It only works as long as people on it are honest and willing to also send as well as receive, but I never had any problems nor did it seem like anyone else ever did. I think I heard they have a rating and comment system now too to show if people ever recieved what someone else said they would send.

Cate said...

What about setting up a blog site where people can post what they have there?

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks, Erin and Kalyn.
Garrett and Cate: It probably wouldn't be much trouble to set up a blog (oy, imagine all the team users), but I'm trying to find a way to get the word OUT. If Technorati works the way I'm envisioning it, individual food bloggers wouldn't have to go to some (as-yet uninvented) "share" blog to post; they could do it on their own blogs and people would find their way there by checking "share packege" tags at Technorati...
Of course, I'm asking for the moon. (Doesn't everybody?)
Mrs D, your intellect and advice are required here.

nika said...

maybe you share blog can harvest the technorati hits and post it up once a day or week etc. if you cant automate it.. you could do it yourself..

mrs d said...

Ha! That's what I get for sending you an email! :-)

So, I love this idea, and I think (key word, there) I may have the toys to make it happen. Though my web design business, I've got vitual hosting that allows for some pretty cool addons and the means to create forums, group blogs & so on. I'm still learning all the toys, but I'm certain there's something in my toybox that's right for a project of this sort. (And it would be seriously cool to set up. :-))

Garrett, the book club sounds very much like Freecycle (where people offer up free goods on a local basis) -- it's done on trust, but there are also community guidelines that encourage all participants to give as often as they receive. In a group like this, you never want to have people who come off as greedy, eh?

Also, an important thing to consider: shipping limitations, both financial and legal. IE, someone might offer up some gourmet salt, but they can't ship it to Italy because of import restrictions on salt, or they can't ship it somewhere else distant because it would cost an arm and a leg. If all of that's worked out & specified by the sender ahead of time, it'll save folks lots of stress at the post office.

Amy Sherman said...

I am big fan of Freecycle. I've used it to get rid of a lot of crap, er treasures. How about a Yahoo! Group? That way people could join if they like. I worry about Technorati because anyone can access it and I'd prefer if it was just to share amongst other f&w bloggers, but I may be in the minority on this...

The other great thing about Freecycle is that you can put in your requirements and we could too--like willingness to mail overseas or desire for pick-ups. I wouldn't mind driving somewhere if there was a glut of figs or plums or or or.

cookiecrumb said...

Amy: I want to keep it among f&w bloggers too, and if that's weird, you and me both, babe. :D
I'm going to do some research (on Mrs D's orders; boy, she's bossy) but ultimately Mrs D might have something up her elegantly costumed sleeve that works just right. (I will always claim that I invented this idea and that she just ran with it. 'sOK by me.)

Gabriella True said...

ooh. sounds interesting!

Garrett - I did a book club like that too. It was great fun.