Thursday, September 07, 2006

[Photography & Pictures] Black Borders?

Hey S'coolmates -

Does anyone know the name of the freeware that puts black borders around your photos? Someone gave me the name but it was a long time ago and I lost the name of it.



paul said...

Graphic Converter for the Mac can do that, I'm not sure which PC freeware apps can do it.

If all you want is a black border around all your images you can use a style that will add a border. Just drop this into your style sheet:

img {
border: 10px solid black;

That will will make a solid 10 pixel wide black border around all your images. BUT that will put a border on everything, including your header image, ads, navigation buttons etc.

You probably only want your post's images to have borders. So use the class selector to apply the border to images only when within divs that have the class="post"

.post img {
border: 10px solid black;

L Vanel said...

Thank you Paul! I'm going to give it a try.

L Vanel said...

Works like a charm - after all I decided not to put black borders on all the photos but now I know how to do it. Thanks again.