Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Does anyoen wknow what is going on? I logged in to look at my blog today, and it was all gone! Just vanished! I looked at the template and it was wiped clean! WHAT DO I DO?!

This Post was written by Garrett from Vanilla Garlic


Bonnie said...

That's a bit scary... have you got it back yet? I've just looked at your blog and it all seems fine from the outside... What I would do is View Source and copy and paste the template back into the template of blogger. Oh, and back up your work.

Hope that helps!

Sam said...

Hi Garret - your blog is looking shibby to me.
There is only one post on the front page, though and you have no way of checking archives from the front page as far as I can see because there are no links to them.

But since i know the format of blogger's archive urls I checked your august archive and there seem to be a lot of posts there too.

Maybe you are seeing/saw a temporary glitch?

Garrett said...

That august archive is the only thing i can pull up. When I went to the template it was totally blank earlier today. As in nothing at all.
I just put that there as a temporary filler using the source code.