Wednesday, September 27, 2006

[Comments] Commenting from your web-enabled phone


I have a Sidekick phone and I use the internet feature mostly for reading food blogs while I should be doing something else. (Like paying attention to the road. Doh!)

The bit that frustrates me is that if the comment anti-spam thing (you know, that part where you type a bunch of random letters) is enabled I can't post comments because it (the phone) doesn't have flash or java or some such.

Does anyone else have a Sidekick and if so, do you have a suggestion or solution?

Random, I know...but hey...

This Post was written by RACHAEL from FRESH APPROACH


Sam said...

ok - i never tried this before - but i just binked on the disabled button next to the word verification.

Then lo and behold - the computer talks you a code (do you have sound on your gizmo?)

might this help?

worth a try?

Rachael said...

THanks Sam for the suggestion. I ended up calling them and asking and it cant be done. OH well!

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