Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[Apps] A two part question

I would say for every 5 posts I make, one will not register/show up on Food Porn Watch. I am just wondering if this happens to anyone else, and if there is a solution or if you know of ways I might be blocking it.

I should point out that I do sometimes edit my posts almost immediately, and I wonder if that is what is doing it...or could it be that sometimes I change the time/date?


ALSO (and maybe this should be another post, but anyway) last night when reading through this site I learned about BlogTopSites. It was here too that I learned about Technorati and Blogshares. Are there any other fun things like that I might not know about yet? Does someone have the inclination to create a linked list? ;-)


This post was written by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


Brandon said...

I just emailed food porn watch to see what's going on with that. I posted early yesterday morning and my blog's still not listed. I'm wondering if it's the editing too. I usually do an immediate edit because there's always a glaring, obvious error that I've somehow managed to overlook. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.

Guy said...

Hey Rachael,

How come the link to your site forwards to a default ad type place?

Rachael Narins said...

Dr. B.
I have no idea, I will fix it right now. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

Ziz said...

I emailed foodpornwatch the other day about that too. For my site it was getting really bad, nothing showing up on their site for a day or two.

I haven't heard anything back yet!

Rachael Narins said...

Brandon and Alicat- Will you let us know when you do hear back? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Are the days your posts not showing up, days when the post is fairly short?

The way foodpornwatch is updated is based on the change in number of characters on the site, or something like that. You can actually click on the info link and it tells you exactly what the engine looks for.

The only time mine normally doesn't show up is if I have a photo with just a little text or something like that.

I actually had the opposite problem when I first started - I kept showing as updated for hours in a row when I hadn't added anything new. Many of my posts are long (like my comments!) and so Jarrett adjusted my threshold based on that longer average post size.

Anonymous said...

I also have been having the same problem - just over the past few days. I've written a new post, then posted and gone back to change a thing or two in the hour before it shows up on foodpornwatch, and then it just doesn't show up there. am interested to hear what the solution might be?

Rachael Narins said...

Culinary Fool - That is a good thing to know, but not the trouble, since my posts are always extra long.

What I suspect the trouble is, is that I post something and then immediatly make a tiny change, and the tiny change is what is ignored, (since, as you mentioned, small changes dont get tracked) superceding my original new post.

For now, I will do my best to wait an hour to make any changes and see if that makes a difference...and Ill be more on top of typos before I hit post! :-)

Thanks again everyone!

SaltShaker said...

I've found that about once a week I get the same problem. I chatted with Jarret at foodpornwatch and the best we could determine was that every now and again the fpw robot was being blocked. It doesn't happen all that often. Some things to look at - do you have any kind of "bad comment" blocker setup, or something that screens robots that visit sites.

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