Monday, September 26, 2005

Food Blog Calender

I'm a dingbat- I still have the old IMBB link in my code. Oddly, the old url does not redirect to the new site. So uh, never mind and cheers to all!

I've been a bit saddened to see that IMBB is no longer the gathering place for scheduled event announcements like it used to be. Nothing is listed on the September and October calenders except for the Euro Blogging by Post event. No SHF, no IMBB?

My food blogging world is in need of more organization now than ever. Events are flying all over the place! I have several people use my comment fields to announce their new gatherings, and I want to direct them to a more official place to pin these up.

It seems that people are informally using Food Blog S'cool as a place to new announce events. Should we take this to the next level and actually display a calender here with dates and announcements and such (I'm talking out my blogger-hole with this idea... I have no idea how feasable it is, but I'd love it if some one here could prove themselves to be a blogger know-it-all...)?

In addition, should we all send edible thank you treats to Sam( you are the Food Blog S'cool Principal/Head Mistress afterall)?

This post was written by McAuliflower from Brownie Points, who's happy to see so many posts here on a Monday!


Rachael Narins said...

And yet, no mention of The (Second) Really Big Cook Off (entries welcome all this week)despite three emails...



Sam said...

No! no no - kind but no!
I am trying to diet!!!!

if anyone wants to volunteer to create a calendar for this site
I am not going to stop them
would love to have the time to try and do it myself, but well - I just have enough on my plate

sam x