Wednesday, September 14, 2005

[Code] Google Indexing

I read here quite a bit and have been studying up on the best ways to get Google to index your blog so that people can find it when they search for things. Is there any "danger" in letting Google index your blogs content? I noticed today that it looks like this blog is no longer indexed by Google. I took a peak at the source and noticed this in the header:

< meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" / >

Is there a reason why you would want to block your blog from the search engines?

This post was written by jeremy from A Cooking Site


Amy Sherman said...

The reason some people block robots, and I'm not sure how effective it is, would be to try to prevent spamming and "phishing".

Andrew said...

If you are not after the fame and just want to write in your little (lonely) corner of the web then block all blogs.

Google by the way have just released their blog-only search engine. It doesnt quite work yet ie many of the blogs I read (and my own) are not listed.

Food and Cooking said...


I've seen people use the rel="nofollow" tag to help minimize the impact of blog spam but haven't seen anyone completely block their blog from being indexed by the search engines to accomplish this. If it's completely blocked from being indexed the only way people will ever find it is:

1)They know the url and type it.

2)They follow a link from another site/e-mail from a friend.

I just thought it was strange that this site is no longer indexed. I know it was at some point, as I found this site by using Google.


Do you mean block all search engines?

I saw the blog search this morning. Needs some work...a lot of the search results list the same blog 70 - 80% of the time on the search results page.

MizD said...

I just checked google blog search. Argh! How irritating! They don't have my blog up, but they've indexed an old blogspot blog named Belly-Timber that hasn't been updated since June of 2004. Feh!

(sorry, I have nothing useful to say about robots... just grouching at google! :-))

Amy Sherman said...

Andrew, I know Sam had some problems with spammers so I'm just venturing a guess--we can ask Sam when she gets back from vacation. I haven't had much grief from spammers and don't use code like this that would discouraging indexing.

eat stuff said...

mrs d
You should ask them to index your blog
and enter, EZ :)

eat stuff said...

mrs d
You should ask them to index your blog
and enter, EZ :)

Anonymous said...

For this site's purpose, and its semi-exclusive group of users, the NOINDEX tag is a pretty good way to keep the administrative time down, and I might see the reasoning.

Although it is a bit of a shame that people searching for the issues we discuss here will not find this site directly.

MizD said...

Hey Clare,
On just plain google, my Belly Timber comes up first under the title so there's no need to submit to their main service as I'm already indexed there. The google blog search is different -- they say in the "about" section that they will be adding a place where we can submit our own blogs, but they haven't done that yet.