Monday, September 05, 2005

[Events] September challenge: Eight cookbooks of separation

We've been inspired in our brief time blogging to throw down the Eight Cookbooks of Seperation Challenge.
Simply blog publish a pic of your cookbooks and blog about the most significant titles.
Give each a stainfactor on a scale from 0 (hardly touched) to 10 (filthy, and always open in the kitchen).
Tell us whatever you like. Who gave you the book (a jilted lover?), favourite and worst recipes or point out the annoying mistakes.
Check out the first of several Tomato efforts here and which fat lady signed our book.
Just ping us here and we'll run a commentary through the month of September with all sorts of statistical Freakanomics-style stuff.
Oh, and we'll give a final round-up on October 3. This could turn out to be a pretty cool study.
Suggestions welcomed.

This post was written by Ed who has decided Tomatom is really Tomato.

1 comment:

Ruth Daniels said...

This is such a fun idea. I've already posted about 8 significant ones. Next up is the 8 I NEVER use. How did they make it to my bookshelf anyway?

Thanks for thinking this up.

Here's a link to the first round 8 significant cookbooks