Friday, September 02, 2005

[Events] Auto-Round-up Experiment

IMBB # 19 has just been announced. For the first time, I am trying an experiment with an auto-roundup using Technorati Tags. There is a piece of code that you can easily cut and paste into your post.
Once you have done that, your post should show up here. (It's not instant, it can take anything from minutes to a day to show up)

**Derrick has suggested you might also have to claim you blog at Technorati in order for this to work. I am not sure about this. I will look into it when I get back from vacation. In the meantime, claiming is easy.

If your blog software doesn't automatically ping technorati, you will have to ping it youself to make your tag active. More info here.
You can manually ping your blog here after you have posted up your IMBB19 post.It's much easier than it sounds.

Tagged with: <a href="" rel="tag">IMBB # 19</a> + <a href="" rel="tag">Vegan</a>

I am off on vacation. If you can't get this to work, come back here to Food Blog S'cool and ask your fellow food bloggers for advice.
Amy, Jen, Sarah and NS have kindly agreed to keep an eye on Food Blog Scool in my absence and have been granted administrative powers.

I won't be able to sign up any new members until I return. Please be patient. Thank you.

This post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


sarah j. gim said...

*rubbing hand together*

ad-meen-ee-straaaay-teev powers...

*evil cackle*


Rachael Narins said...

I dont know...I have a lot of trouble with technorati...maybe because I use a mac, maybe because Im not that bright (always a factor) but I put in tags and they never ever ever come up when I search by them...

With that in mind, I will just be emailing the link to my entry...(I mean, Ill include the tags too, Im just not too optimistic.)

As for the callenge to give to The New Orleans Relief fund...I second that challenge.

Thanks everyone!


PS - Oh for heavens SAKE. As a severly dyslexic person this word verification is driving me up the WALL, Honestly, why can't they just pick a real word for pity's sake! I could at leasty dicipher a real word! AURG. This is my last (of six) tries! SIGH. The FRUSTRATION! AURG!

Ujan sharma said...

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