Friday, September 30, 2005

[Events] Suggestion for Event Round-ups

Perhaps the round-up/winner links for Paper Chef and similar events might be made available beforehand, at the time the event is announced?

This way they could be included in our own posts without going back later, e.g., "Check [here] in a few days to see all the creative entries and winners!" or "When the round-up / winners are announced, it'll be posted [here] at [suchnsuchblog]."

I've been trying to think if there are RSS/other implications but think it's workable. Thoughts?

This post was written by Alanna A Veggie Venture.


Rachael Narins said...

Im certain its just me, but Im not 100% sure that makes sense. How can the winners or even participants be included at the time of the annoucement? Can you clarify what you are asking?

Owen said...

This one confused me for a while and then I got it - the suggestion is to essentially generate the permalink for the roundup at the time the event is announced so that we can give people the permalink to use and the link will just start working a few days later when the results are in.

I can see the advantage and it is an interestingly creative sidewaysy kind of idea but here are the problems....

1) my permalinks are based off my title and I don't always want to choose the title in advance.

2) some roundups take more than one post

3) I would worry that it would prevent people visiting the event announcement and then being seduced by our wondrous prose into actually entering rather than just waiting for the roundup in order to visit....

I shall think on it a while - not that it matters this month since I passed hosting Paper Chef on to Stephen this month (who thus becomes judge, jury and executioner - although he is looking for 10 or so people of good taste to join him and Henry Fonda in seclusion).

Sam said...

I dont think this is possible
to determine in the case of blogger at least
what a future post might be called
I tried this once,
I started to write a post
I published it quickly to see what the url permalink would be
then immediately switched it to draft so it wouldn't show on my blog
until i would later publish it
and when i did publish it again
blogger changed the name of the url for me the second time i published it.
so i don't think what you are asking for is possible.

the best idea i can come up with so far is the technorati tags

Amy Sherman said...

Even with a permalink, the post wouldn't have anything in it right away when posters might be using the link.

I think the technorati solution is fantastic. That way people can visit and see the new links as they get published.

As these online events get more and more popular I think round-ups are going to be impossible. A summary of 25 posts is one thing, over 80 is another entirely...

Sam said...

even 20 is a lot of work
i guestimated the Rachael Ray round up took me about 20 hours

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