Thursday, September 08, 2005

(General) Browser problem with

For the past week or so whenever I go to, my or anyone else's, I then have to reboot to be able to go to any other web page or blog site. I get the "This page cannot be displayed" message. This only happens on the borrowed laptop I am using (while I recover from a stupid accident involving trying to put up a patio umbrella, resulting in a totally trashed leg). But it was fine until the past few days. I have added no other programs, nor have I intentionally changed any settings. I am able to get to work and it doesn't happen on my computer there, and I used a neighbor's PC to post the Wine Blog Wednesday, and had no problem there. I've written three times to Blogger support but got only one automated answer that did not address the problem.

Has anyone had this problem before and if so how did you fix it? It will still be a while before I am able to get up the steps to my own computer!

Also I seem to be having problems understanding how to get the font on this template down to normal size....

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Shauna said...

I havnn't had that particular problem before. (I have had the bum leg and laptop thing--sorry to hear about it.) But I'm starting to wonder if blogger isn't possessed by the devil. Why does my page look different on Macs than PCs. And why, if I choose Times, normal size, for my font, every post, does every post look different?

Sorry about the rant. I'm sure there are others who want to join in on this one too.

Professor Salt said...

I suspect you're running a software firewall on that machine that's causing problems. Check what settings might cause problems and allow it to pass through traffic from http://*

Anonymous said...

I've got no idea, but I do have some half-assed theories-

It could be any number of things wrong with the browser or laptop the problem appears on. I'd guess it has something to do with all the doo-dads tacked on to blogger pages. The headers which connect to scripts, common javascript scripts running things like cookies and all the add on counters and other link thingies used by Blogger bloggers.

Most machines can handle all this stuff, but the machine in question may have something bad going on, like spyware, or something really simple - like your javascript is turned off and the browser is chokes.

Shauna, welcome to the wonderful world of browser quirks. It's in no way exclusive to Blogger.

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