Tuesday, September 20, 2005

(Blogger) Help Needed ASAP!

I know, what else is new, right? So I have my post all done for tonight. I can view it and it looks fine, as does the preview. When I go to publish it, I get an error message that reads: 001 java.io.IOException: EOF while reading from control connection. I've searched Blogger help and it comes up with nothing. I haven't done any other changes to my blog. Help!

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Rachael Narins said...

I have seen that too. I just copy the post someplace else, shut down my computer and repost it. Seems to work. I dont know exactly what it means, but I do have a strong feeling its them and not you.
Hope that helps!


Cate said...

Finally got the post up. Felt better when I went to post my plea for help here and was having the same problems, so at least I know it was Blogger-wide. :)

Joe said...

Yeah, blogger had a message up for a few minutes saying they were having issues. It's been touch and go since the weekend.

Jennifer said...

Blogger was down quite a lot last night. It was a server/script error on their side.