Monday, September 19, 2005

[Code] Google ads and Blog top sites code

Talking of code, I've noticed that most people don't enter my blog through the front door so my Google ads and Blog top sites counter miss a lot of visitors. I use MT and was wondering if anyone had any ideas to get ads and counters to show up in the archives, RSS etc. I've had some success modifying the CSSs and html but am lost on this.

Posted by Ed from Tomato


Andrew said...

i can certainly help. Send me an email direct on where you would like the advert(s) on each page.

You can have up to three per page. with MT you have the individual archive, date archive and category archive if using.

Elise said...

Hi Ed,
You need to add the Google ad code to your Individual Archive and your Category Archive templates as well. Put the ad code in the template above or below the entry code where you want the ad to appear. Or, in the sidebar if you have added sidebars to your individual and category archives.
BTW, if you use Movable Type, in addition to recipes I also have a blog devoted to MT called Learning Movable Type. You might find some of the tutorials helpful.

Ed said...

Thanks guys.
Elise I wouldn't have got my blog to where it is today without your invaluable help. It's the best MT help site out there. I may pop over and leave some questions as I'm not an IT person and have spent a week trying to install some plugins - especially StyleCatcher as I weant to migrate to MT3.2 templates.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

In Google there have many category of individual archive which the code in the template have added sidebars to appear Learning Movable Type.and Blog top sites counter miss a lot of visitors which was wondering if anyone had any ideas to get ads and counters to show up in the archives, RSS etc.

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