Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chain emails : Recipe Exchange

By now, some or all of you might have come across this chain emails that is circulating around the food blogosphere.

I don't mean any malice or cause anyone upset but i am terribly busy at work and home at the moment [i'm preparing for a 3 weeks holiday], that i have to decline participation. So please don't take it personally.

This chain email though, bugged me a bit.

This is how it looks:

1. name of person - email
2. name of person - email

You've been invited to be part of a recipe exchange!
Please send a recipe to the person whose name is
listed in the number 1 position above (even if you
don't know him/her)--preferably something quick, easy,
few ingredients.
Then copy this letter into a new email, move my name
to the number 1 position, and put your name in the
number 2 position. Only your name and mine should
appear on this list when you send out your email. Send
this to 10 friends. If you cannot do this within 5 days,
please let me know so it will be fair to those
participating. You should receive 36 recipes. It is
fun to see where these recipes come from. Seldom does
anyone drop out because we can all use new recipes.
The turnaroun
d is fast because only 2 names are on the

I really don't get why whoever set this up have chosen to email to 10 people?
I mean, they've overlooked the fact that one person might get so many repeat participation email because of the amount of people to email.

Let's say i get 5 emails and reply to all of them, that means, i have to think of 50 new participants, right? Also, it would mean that whilst i only share 5 different recipes and pain-stakingly type them as email format, i would then receive a whopping [it says i will get 36 recipes in total for every participation- how did they get to this number?] 180 recipes if i participate to all 5 emails.

But my calculation tells me that i will get 100 recipes for each participation. So multiply that by 5, equals to 500 recipes. That's if my math's right? I had to draw up a diagram to understand and work this one out.

Wow. That's a lot of recipes. Do i really need all these? As it is, i haven't even had a chance to cook from my cookbooks...

What do you personally think of this?

This Post was written by Mae from riceandnoodles


nika said...

the usual chain mail.

my recommendation, hit delete.

Kalyn Denny said...

I got it from one of my friends (who I didn't want to offend because she's kind of a reluctant technology adopter and I was impressed she was even using e-mail.) So by the time I got it from a few food bloggers I was completely out of people to forward it to. I just wrote back to the people who sent it to me and said I was sorry but I'd have to pass. It didn't even occur to me how many possible e-mails it might have generated, but I agree, that much e-mail would be a big problem for me. (I already get a lot of e-mail!)

Sheri said...

I never respond to chain e-mails. I don't really like them and I don't have the time to respond, even if it's for something fun-sounding, like a recipe exchange.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement - and do not want to see this kind of thing become a regular occurence in the food blog world or my email inbox.

I have received two so far.

Andrea said...

I personally detest chain emails and I just hit delete. Fortunately I have not received this particular email from fellow food bloggers, but I have received it from family and friends.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Hi Folks,
Normally I am not a fan of such kind of mails either. I either hit delete or do what Kalyn does inform them of not being interested. I have to admit that I did get this particular chain mail too and in my naivety played along. I know many people share the same feelings on these things as I do, that is why I am very careful. I am sorry if me playing along disturbed anyone. It will teach me to stick with my first instints next time round when I get these type of mails - DELETE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for your response.

I do agree with you all, this kind of chain emails or any chain emails, for that matter, shouldn't even be encouraged by any of us.

As it is, i am faced to deal with clearing up my inbox of spams and unneccesary junks that comes in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for your response.

I do agree with you all, this kind of chain emails or any chain emails, for that matter, shouldn't even be encouraged by any of us.

As it is, i am faced to deal with clearing up my inbox of spams and unneccesary junks that comes in.

G said...

Well I have gotten it 16 times this week and only one of them is from a blogger.

Catherine said...

I never participate in chain emails. They're just too annoying.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if each one of these came with a dollar ; )

No joke, I was receiving hundreds of these, and just assumed they had no connection to those in the food blog community who usually know better.

They all get stopped by my junk email filter now.

Anonymous said...

Paul, won't that be fun if we received a dollar for each?

I'd certainly join in then! lol.

Unknown said...

I fell for this recently but never again.

The last thing I want to do is annoy people.

One person was very gracious, the other was already involved and a third declined.

I'm kind of embarrassed that I got involved and apologize to anyone I may have annoyed.

Lydia said...

I always ignore chain emails, with one exception. I've gotten this same recipe exchange email several times from people that I know personally. They know I love to cook and I don't want to offend them so I came up with this solution.

I send them a very polite reply explaining that I don't participate in chain emails, but I would love to share my recipes with them. Then I attach a document containing 10 of my favorite recipes.

Now it is just a quick copy and paste to respond to these emails, which takes very little time on my part, and hopefully satisfies the sender of the chain email.

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