Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[Blogger] How did my side bar get resized?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how come the left hand side bar of my home page is suddenly TINY. I didn't make any changes!

Can anyone explain to me how to make the text bigger? In the plainest English possible? (I still really have no clue about any of this html/rss/who-knows-what-all stuff)


Happy Holidays!


This Post was written by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


nika said...

looks ok to me.

Did you use a new browser? did you change the text settings in your browser? your system on a verge of a crash? etc re: the browser

Sam said...

looks the same as usual to me too


Ilva said...

It looks ok with Mozilla but when I took a look at it with Explorer I saw it the way you describe it!

Cate said...

On mine (AOL), it's really tiny, but unfortunately, I'm with you - no idea how to fix it.

Susan Voisin said...

This is just a guess, but it looks like there's a problem that starts in your Chickpea Cocktail Snacks post. Right at the end of it, your text gets small for the tags and then even smaller (basically unreadable) for the part beginning "Garbanzo is the name used in Spanish...." It's then reduced in size for the rest of the posts on your main page and in your sidebar. What I suspect is that you're missing a closing [/span] tag after your Technorati tags. It may have just gotten deleted when you made that post. Check the code at the end of that post carefully in html view and see if adding another [/span] (using <> instead of brackets) right after "Vegan" clears things up.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Hi Rachel,
I'll try to keep this simple as requested. This problem has been caused by you cutting and pasting some text at the end of your Chickpea Coctail Snacks post.

Basically a certain part of the code (which resizes the font to 78%) has been copied and repasted, but was not deleted the original time around - meaning it resizes the text twice, without closing properly.

To fix this, delete the text/code in the Chickpea post starting with the word "garbanzo". Publish again and you should see the problem fixed.

Rachael Narins said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I deleted the technorati tag and all is well.

Thank you all. What a clever bunch!