Thursday, December 21, 2006

[Blogger] [Picasa] [Uploading Photos] Picasa Blog This No Longer Working For Me

Hi Everybody,

Several weeks ago I started uploading photos to my Blogger blog using the Blog This! button on Picasa. Worked fine as of two days ago. Last night I went to upload a photo, opened Picasa, clicked on my photo, clicked on Blog This! and the Blogger sign in page came up as usual. But then, instead of the photo showing up on an html page, I was redirected to my Blogger dashboard. So it looks like I'm just in Blogger, but the tag at the top of the window says I am really still in Picasa. Only there's no sign of my photo or any way to upload it.

I closed down Picasa and tried again today from the beginning thinking perhaps it was just a fluke. Same thing happened.

I'm still using the "old" version of Blogger. I did notice that the sign-in page once you hit Blot This! now has the option for new and old Blogger users, just like when you sign directly into Blogger. I didn't notice any other changes with the Blog This! feature or Picasa in general.

Is anyone else having this problem? Do you think Blog This! is no longer working for those of us still using the old version of Blogger? I could find no helpful information in the Picasa help pages.

I use Windows XP, Internet Explorer, and I am on dial-up.

I did manage to upload a photo a few minutes ago using the upload images button right in Blogger, but it took 15 minutes. I assume because I am on dial-up. I was just about to give up. At least that option is working.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Alanna Kellogg said...

I have used Picasa with a couple of personal/family blogs and saw a notice a few weeks ago that the Blog This feature would no longer work after (I thought) January 1 and to instead use Blogger's import photo feature. Susan, I can coach you through this via e-mail if you like.