Wednesday, December 27, 2006

[New Blogger] Blogger Won't Let Me Switch To The New Version

Because I have been unable to upload photos to my old blogger blogs for the past several days (using Blogger Add An Image button on the create/edit page or the Picasa BlogThis! button on Picasa) I decided to bite the bullet and switch to the new blogger today using the link invite that has been appearing on my dashboard--hoping this would solve the uploading problems.
It wouldn't let me switch to the new version. I got the same message someone else wrote about a few weeks back saying my blog might be too big--they mentioned blogs with a couple thousand or more posts.
I've read through past posts here and see that apparently the problem isn't my fbs membership which is what I thought at first as others did.
I do have two personal blogs with about 1000 posts each, as well as another one with about 200. One of the larger ones only holds photos I uploaded one at a time using Picasa Hello and Blog This!
Is anyone else getting this message when they try to switch to the new Blogger? Do you think the combined number of my blog posts is the problem? They're all on one account.

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Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, they seem to go through phases with letting people in the doors to the new version. I didn't get the offer for quite awhile, but jumped on it as soon as I saw it. Between Sweetnicks and the recipe site, I have over a 1000 there, but then I have a list of another 8 or so that I either administer or can post on, so the quantity of posts didn't seem to hold up me getting onto the new version. Seemed to be more of a timing thing, than anything.

Joe said...


Even though they keep giving me the link and telling me I can switch, when I click on it I also keep getting the message telling me that my blog can't be moved. Who knows!

woof nanny said...

I had problems with Picassa and the upload button long before the switch (which I have not done yet). But to post pics I now use Flickr. The really cool thing is that some people only do flickr, so it's like having two audiences. And they have all kinds of groups where you can tag your photos, so you end up finding people with similar interests and stuff.

Sally said...

Susan - Apparently Picasa and the new beta Blogger don't play well with each other. You have to upload your pictures from Blogger itself. I haven't switched yet and so far have not had any problems.

Liz said...

This is odd- Picassa hasn't given me any trouble whatsoever and I still can't get in.

My blog has about 200 posts on it. Whenever I get the switch offer I click on it and it tells me that "one or more of [my] blogs can't be moved." So I took myself off the blog I helped a friend of mine set up and still- no switch. Now I belong to only two- FBS and mine- and still, I can't switch.

To echo Joe- who knows?

Liz said...

Okay, just read Sally's message and if Picassa and Beta don't work well together then that's probably it.

In which case, screw it. I'm not giving up Picassa because Hello! s*cks.

(sits back and waits for the hailstorm of frogs from Blogger staff)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

I echo Joe here too. I've been offered the invite to switch over but when I click on the message, I too get a notice saying I can't. I have a team blog and my recipe blog plus the membership to the Food Blog Scool. My two blogs have just under 200 posts and I think it might be the FBS that is causing the Blogger team trouble to switch us over.

I am gonna just wait it out until I can. I am not in a hurry to move at least not if I have o give up my FBS memebership.

As for Picassa and Beta - that really could be the reason that they are just not compatible. I find using Flickr pretty good or just simply use Blogger to upload the pics.

mary grimm said...

Like Joe, Liz, Meeta, I get the Beta invitation, but then they tell me my blogs can't be moved. But I don't use Picasa, so it can't be that. I'm thinking I'll just wait and see what happens.

Catherine said...


I'm getting the same message as Joe, so haven't switched either.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the feedback. Just a couple of clarifications in case people are reading these comments and getting confused or worried about switching to the new blogger or using Picasa:

1. I don't think my photo uploading problems are related to not being able to switch to the new blogger. (But I thought switching might fix them.)

2. I am NOT on blogger beta. I am on the original old version.

2. I had been using Picasa Blog This! to upload photos for the past few weeks. Then it quit working (I wrote a post about this a few days ago.) Apparently it hasn't been working for lots of people for up to a month, but all the ones I've heard from (over in Picasa Google Groups) are on the BETA blogger.

I stopped using Picasa Hello and switched to Picasa Blog This because Hello quit working several weeks ago, and Picasa said it was disappearing by the end of 2006. I figured it disappeared early.

BUT last night in a fit of desperation, I tried uploading a photo using Picasa Hello and it worked!. So if anybody else can't get photos to upload, you might try Hello. It does sometimes suck, but sometimes sucky is better than nothing. : )

3. For some unknown reason, I am totally unable at this point to upload photos right from Blogger using the Add An Image button. It may have to do with being on dial up, though my ISP claims there is no problem with my connection.

Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

P.S. I've gotten into the habit of always copying blog posts before hitting publish AND doing this on comments. Perfect example is what just happened--I typed all this out, hit PREVIEW, and poof! Blogger error message. Fortunately I just hit BACK, then PASTE, and comment is back. I learned this the really hard way. : )

Ziz said...

I get the same message as well, saying that I can do the switch -- but along with you guys, it won't let me. UGH! Frustrating!

I guess I'll just keep trying every once in a while...

Anonymous said...

I was getting the same message as many of you have, inviting me to switch and then telling me I couldn't. Then, not two weeks ago, Blogger said it was out of Beta and I could switch over, which I did. So far I can still upload photos through the new Blogger without problems. What I'm afraid to do is change to the new drag and drop template as I don't know what will happen to the (rather puny and unknowledgable) edits I've done to my current template.
I wish for consistency!

Heather said...

So my question is ... is FBS on the new blogger version? I am in the same boat as everyone else here who has been invited and then it won't let them switch.
Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Heather, no, FBS isn't on the new version. You can tell if a blog isn't or isn't by looking at the very top right of the site. It will say Create Blog and then Sign In next to it (you can look at mine as an example). Once you make the switch, you can go to your own site to sign in, instead of having to go to Blogger.

Suzanne Lainson said...

I'm afraid to switch. I am on a Mac with an older operating system (there are multiple reasons why I have never upgraded). I don't think the new version will allow me to post (I set up a test blog in beta and it didn't work for me).

So I am hanging on to the old version until forced to abandon it. The only feature I miss is not having tags so people can organize my blog by topic. However, I have made my archives easy to use and people should be able to find what they need by scanning titles.