Friday, December 08, 2006

[YouTube] How Do I Delete A Video On My Blog

I was playing around with the You Tube functions and published a video on my blog (Robbie Williams - so go and check it out LOL!) That was the easy part. However I was wondering if I ever wanted to delete it how do I go about doing that. I simply tried to delete the post in Blogger but the video is still there. The problem now is that I cannot go back to the post and make any changes as Blogger has deleted it!

Can anyone help me here?

[Update] I take this back! It has been deleted. After I deleted the post it seems like it actually takes some time for the post/video to disappear. Also just a tip for "YouTube" newbies (yes there are still a few of us out here) do NOT use the "Post Video" function at the bottom of the video. This posts the video immediately and automatically publishes it on your Blog. Use the embedded HTML snippet on the right of the video. Here is more!

Sorry if this was a bit lame!!

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