Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paper Chef Limbo Land

OK - first my blog decided that it would not show comments properly - to see this in action go to www.tomatilla.com, click on the (1) comment link at the bottom of the first post - you'll see one comment - now click on post a comment (you can back out - no need to actually post a comment) and now you see 8 (at last count) comments.

BUT - when I decided to write a quickie post explaining that to everyone and that I would do judging later in the week for the current Paper Chef - I got an error from blogger. Now that post sits there taunting me in the list of posts within blogger, claiming it is merely the most recent post. BUT it isn't on the live site! And now I can't publish to my blog at all!

SO....Paper Chef is on hold until I sort this out - or until I migrate to WordPress which I now fully understand and where I am in the middle of making a theme for another project so I might as well make a new one for Tomatilla!

This Post was written by Owen from Tomatilla


MizD said...

Owen, if the glitches continue, would you like volunteers for guest hosting of Paper Chef?

(speaking of glitches, we've got our computer glitches ironed out enough that I should have my -late- entry up later today. :-))

Owen said...

maybe so - I cannot post anything at the moment - just get errors - and despite google's promises I get invited to upgrade and then get told I can't...

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