Monday, December 25, 2006

(WordPress) Adding Captcha or Something Similar

Does anyone know how to add captcha or other security image to WordPress? Ever since I switched Well Fed over to WordPress, the spam has been a little much. Help!

Written by Cate from Well Fed and Sweetnicks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cate,

I use a bunch of different plugins for spam filtering.

Akismet first and foremost is great, then Bad Behaviour, and Spam Karma 2. Although Bad Behaviour may block more traffic than you want.

Another one that is kinda cool is called "Did you pass math?" It puts a simple maths problem into each comment section, and will only submit if it's correctly entered.

Send me an email if you'd like any more details.


Andrea said...

Ditto on using Akismet, Bad Behavior, and Spam Karma 2 plugins to control the comment spam. For a while I was getting 100+ spam comments a day, but once I added BB and SK2 to my arsenal the spam problem improved immensely.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...
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Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

We've also had good luck with Akismet, although it does seem to catch a few trackbacks that we need to de-mark as spam, every now and then.

If anyone else is migrating to WordPress, I would highly suggest that you steer clear of using the numeric post URL format. It was a decision I made in haste, and I think that the easy-to-predict URLs make Married...with Dinner a huge target for comment spam. We get hundreds a day, sometimes thousands.


Use instead:

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

another note about the url format anita suggested- it makes your search ranking better to have appropriate keywords in your url...

after akismet and using file rename suggestions that Oliver of Delicious Days suggested, we don't use the math or captcha system.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the help, always appreciated. How do you set it to not use numbers in the url?

Anonymous said...

Yours already uses it own permalink structure Cate. Which is not based on the ID of the post, but rather the date, month, day, and name of the post. So nothing to worry about there. although personally I don't think it makes a lot of difference to the amount of spam that comes in.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Cate- for the url's:
- options
- permalinks
- select "date and name based"