Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hi, two issues:
First, is there any way to find out who has subscribed to our RSS feeds? (I use Feedblitz and I couldn't find an answer to this in the FAQs.)
Second: If we ever need to establish that a blog is ours (as many of us don't reveal our identities), how do we go about providing proof?

This Post was written by Sra from When My Soup Came Alive


Anonymous said...

I use feedburner and it just gives me breakdowns of what type of people are reading my feed (what rss aggregator or reader they're using).

I don't actually know that much about my feed readers except for a tally and which posts they're actually visiting the site to see in full.

Things like Bloglines will allow folks to opt-in and show off their feed lists.

As for your second question, it depends on the situation. Many times the way to "claim" your blog is to insert some sort of code. Things like blogshares or technorati do this, you never have to reveal your true identity. (In some cases I've done the claim code and then deleted it.)

I've never had anyone ask me to prove that it's my blog, but then again I'm hosted on my own domain and use my real name.

Andrew said...

that's the joy of RSS feeds - you are invisible as a subscriber. You cant find out specific subscribers if you publish a feed but you can via feedburner as cybele says discover lots of other info.

Elise said...

You can also use the Feedburner email service, or FeedBlitz and offer people a way of subscribing to your feed via email. With FeedBlitz at least (I don't know about Feedburner's email service) you can review or download the list of email addresses of people who subscribe to your feed through email.

sra said...

Hi Cybele, Andrew and Elise, thanks for your responses. Elise, how do you do that, I didn't find anything in the FAQ. Can you post the link or something?