Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Innapropriate Appropriations (stealing)

You might want to cruise this person's site for wholesale stealing of your content. I can not give you a better link because I got lost in the crappy navigation on her site. There is a link on the left side for reporting abuse.. if yours was stolen you might wish to let them know.

For those of you who are Flickrites, there is a nifty toy to help search for image stealing.

Flickr Inspector

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


Anonymous said...

You certainly have the right to instruct her to remove the content, since it's YOURS. Or maybe she'll get the hint of how uncool such theft is when she clicks into her visitor stats and sees your post.

: D

nika said...

yeah.. my point was that others here might have stuff there.. i took a closer look and found that it wasnt a huge number of posts (that I could tell) much worse offenders out there for sure

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Thanks to you Nika I was able to find someone publishing one of my photos. Not just any photo but one of my son, one that also has "All Rights Reserved" on it.

The blog is a very political blog and using the picture I feel the person is exploiting my son!
I have left the person a message. But I have a question now:

WHat happens if this person does not respond who do I turn to?

Please help!

nika said...

Meeta: Oh jeepers, I am so sorry! Glad you were able to catch it. I think the most we CAN do is report it to the provider. Perhaps someone else here can help you better.

It looks like this person is hotlinking directly to flickr.. so what you can do is "replace" this image with one that says something like "This person steals images" or some such or perhaps just a newer version of this photo with copyright warnings integrated into the design. (Do you know what I mean by replace in flickr?)

Perhaps from now on you should put an overlay on all your shots with copyright and "do not use without permission" language on your pics (also try to go back to your most popular pics and do the same).

I am anticipating similar issues with an image I recently sold and will be widely distributed.. ( You can see that I marked it up so its not something on would want to steal and use.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Nika - replacing the photo is a great idea. I will be doing that, but adding a ovelya. I do have a copyright overlay but I will add something more. I found another one of my photos on another blog and will do the same. They too were hotlinking to Flickr. I have told both that they have 2 days to remove them from their blogs otherwise I shall report them to their blog providers. I got all sweaty hands writing those comments.


nika said...

Meeta: LOL.. truly dont sweat this stuff! *handing you a hankie*

Ilva said...

Meeta-but how did you find these hotlinks?? Apart from that you have still the Blog This link on your Flickr photos! Go to the account page and change that so that it is more difficult to use your photos! It seems as if a lot of people doesn't realise that they almost invite use by keeping that possibility on their photos!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Ilva, I used Nika's suggested Flickr Inspector. It was easy from there. In total I found three and wrote to them all. Two have already taken them down and apologized, but the one with Soeren is still on that link I previously provided. But I followed Nika's advice and replaced the photo with a little "warning". If the person does not take it down I plan to add the link to the warning too and then report it to the provider.

It all feels very harsh but I hate having any of my pictures published without my prior knowöedge.

Anonymous said...

this is worth considering

nika said...

Just to add to this thread - I got a response from yahoo and they said there was no copyright infringement. They said if I wished I could fill out all this personal information etc to file a more formal complaint.

I just do not know what could be more completely obvious than verbatum text stealing, stealing of my photos with HOT LINKS to my flickr account.. its bogus.

just dont think that the report abise button DOES anything and you will be fine.

David said...

I thought this was pretty funny, and on topic. I received this email today about a photo on my site!

"hi dave

i want to thank you for your pierre herme pic. i needed it for my ispahan post . i don't own a digicamera.

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