Sunday, December 10, 2006

[FBS] unsubscribing members for blogger beta

It would appear that I no longer need to take any action, according to new info from blogger. Unsubscribe is now cancelled.

I understand that many of you want to unsubscribe from food blog scool so you can sign up your blogs with the new Beta. This is a problem caused by blogger, not by me or the scool, but it is, as I hope you can sympathise, causing me it certain amount of work I am not prepared for.

I would love to be at everyone's beck and call to one at a time unsubscribe anyone who asks me, but because I am so ensconsed in Menu for Hope preparations with barely a second to pee, let alone do anything else, I just can not. I am sorry.

I will unsubscribe in batches, the first on Thursday this week. Anyone who wants to unsubscribe, please email me at the FBS email address with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject and the email address you used to subscribe with in the main body of the post before 6pm PST on Thursday next. If you have already written to ask me at a different email address, or without the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject, then please re submit the request. If you do not follow these instructions, I can not guarantee I will unsubscribe you.

Once that batch is complete, I will set a time for the next batch.

Thanks for your understanding

This Post was written by sam from becks & posh


Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

could someone refer me to an explanation of how this relates to those of us who don't use blogger for our blogging?


Sam said...

If you are not using blogger right now, it is not a problem that will effect you right now. In future you might need a gmail account. I am unclear about that. But for now nothing needs to be done as far as I am aware.

nika said...

i dont wanna cause you any fuss.. can i put this off? or am i gonna have to go beta?

Sam said...

this information is for the people who want to change to blogger beta but can't because of their membership in Food Blog Scool.

Only people who are members of FBS and actually want to switch to Beta need to follow these instructions to leave FBS.

Please, please, people who do not want to switch yet, and are happy as they are in the meantime, please do not make the request or make enquiries to the email address. Please ask any questions here, thanks.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

thanks Sam... we need to boot you out so you can get your other work done.

didn't mean to distract your attentions. :smile:

cookiecrumb said...

Ohghod, this is so hideous. I AM interested (maybe only curious) in switching to Beta, but holy mama, my allegiance is to my Sammie. So I will wait.
Poor you.

Anonymous said...

I was referred here by one of your readers who had a question about this whole process.

I've seen your template design and it looks nice, but it also looks simplistic, so the Beta upgrade would only take you about an hour to do.

As a solution to make your membership happy, why don't you consider promoting one of more technically inclined team members to admin on your blog so they can do the upgrade for you if you don't have time.

Seems like it would make things go easy for you.

Only an outside opinion...
Nice Blog Though

//<----- Tommy ----->//
Always Something Being Talked About At:

Sam said...

Thanks for your advice, but I think you misunderstand the problem.

The site template is not the problem, nor is my technical savvy regarding blog templates.

The problem is that this blog literally has HUNDREDS of members, and that Blogger themselves are not yet actually letting any group blogs at all switch to the Beta version.

So what you suggest is not possible.

Liz said...

Sam- since it seems now that the switch is up to you, when do you plan to do it?

Sam said...

Liz - I actually have mentioned this many times but i will say it again.


Also, since beta bloggers are now able to switch without losing their access to food blog scool, it is not an issue any longer for beta bloggers.

If I switched this blog to Beta (I can't since blogger have NOT invited me to) it WOULD be an issue to all those members who also have not yet been invited to Beta.

So answer would be at this point, this blog will switch when ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE has been invited to join beta, and there is a consensus that it is stable enough to be generally acceptable.