Wednesday, December 27, 2006

[Blogger] [Uploading Photos] Alternative ways to upload photos to Blogger?

Can anyone suggest a way to upload photos to my OLD blogger blog besides:

1) the ADD AN IMAGE button on the blogger edit/create a post page? (Not working at all for me anymore.)

2) Picasa BlogThis! (Also not working at all for me anymore.)

3) Flickr

I am in the US

use Windows XP

and IE6 (I just switched back from IE7 thinking that might have been the cause of the uploading problems--it wasn't)

I am on DIAL-UP.

I am very HTML/computer challenged.

Thanks so much!

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Anonymous said...

Susan, uploading them to flickr and then grabbing them from there doesn't work? I either do that or upload them directly from my computer. Have you tried contacting Blogger yet?

Heather said...

I upload photos to photobucket then post the url into blogger with copy and paste in the picture box on blogger. No problems yet.

Ilva said...

Susan-use Flickr but paste the photo's url and paste it onto the Blogger post's html page, I do like that I never have any problems, it's instant that way. No uploading at all! Try it!
(How to do it in case you don't know: go to the All sizes of the Flickr photo, choose the size you want and then paste the code below 8the long one) into the html page. Ready!)

Kalyn Denny said...

I'm only barely learning to use Flickr and I think I might be doing it all backwards. I shoot, edit, optimize, then post the photos in a draft using the blogger upload, and then (sometimes weeks later) I move the photos from my computer to Flickr (after I've published the photos and mainly to free up space on my computer.)

What I'm wondering is whether there's an advantage to having the photos uploaded from Flickr that I'm missing (besides being faster - I have a fast internet connection so that's not that much of an issue.) To me it feels like an extra step every time I'm going to post photos. Is there a good reason that I'm missing that I should be uploading from Flickr if the way I' m doing it now works?

Anonymous said...

Kalyn, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;) The reason I upload them onto Flickr is then I can share them with different groups there and expose Sweetnicks to a completely different audience (there are literally thousands of food categories). In the description of the photo, I include a link back to the specific post.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Oh Lordie!
This is soooo embarrassing..I could never figure out how to get the Flickr HTML into Blogger and tried to past it into that popup window, which of course NEVER worked.
Thanks for asking this question!
I am now enlightened :)

Anonymous said...

I was having problems uploading photos using internet explorer too. So I decided to try using Mozilla Firefox and never had a problem. It's fast and easy to download that web browser. Something to think about in case you come across a similar problem again (knock on wood) ;)