Saturday, December 03, 2005

Adding video to your blog?

does anyone know of an easy way to add a small video clip to your blog?

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Tanja said...

I've just started to look into this myself. I recently bought a webcam from ebay so I'm still learning the basics. Next step for me is to learn how to actually get it out there on the web.

paul said...

I haven't done this with my blog, but I have done it for clients.

I found that the easiest and best format is Quicktime. Converting is easy, it looks better than any other streaming video type, and the newest versions have very good quality. Also the plug-in for users who don't have it yet are much easier to install (almost automatic in some cases).

It took me a few tries to get the compression and quality balance I wanted, but figuring out the parameter tags needed in order to get the proper size and controls is pretty easy..

Andrew said...

you need to upload it to your server and then just provide a link to it as you would to a page or post... not too sure how you get it to play within a page if that was what you intended though.

beastlysum said...

see here--
if you choose the bottom option, you don't have to worry about your movie playing every time someone loads your page (can be annoying...)

good luck!

paul said...

Beastly, that page shows the proper way to use the embed tag to add the Quicktime, but it's important to surround the embed tag with an object tag and parameters for some browsers (anyone want to guess IE?)

Here are the reasons why, and how to do it, along with a few good links on the subject.

Anne said...

I've started vlogging just a little bit, and what I do is make a small quicktime movie, and upload it to (which seems to be just like flicker, but for vlog entries!) and then I link to that in my post.